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White skin

Clear pores

The reasons?
Clears away impurities lying on the skin Melts away the oxidized oils that accumulate in the pores

This is about more than being an effective product
The most important thing!
. . . is that anyone can use this product with peace of mind
As this product contains only highly safe ingredients
there is no need to worry about getting any on your lips or in your eyes

<Rosa Damascena Flower Water>

Organic product certification
Certified by the French Ministry of International Trade and Industry

We use hand-harvested organic damascus rose grown in Morocco.
We use only use the first liter of highly concentrated herb water that is created from a kilogram of distilled roses.
Naturally, absolutely no alcohol, surfactants, or pre-servatives are added to this product.

● Makes the skin healthy. Improves the skin's color. Works for all skin types. Improves lymphatic circula-tion.

→ 【Anti-inflammatory】 【Anti-aging】

<Clay Minerals>

Natural Clay White Kaolin

This sun-dried natural clay is mined in Brittany in the northeast of France and is full of minerals.

The clay undergoes no chemical processes such as ionization, and has
ECOCERT COSMOS certification for natural raw mate-rials.

● Smooths the surface of the skin. Promotes skin re-newal (skin cell turnover).
For beautiful, white skin.

<Mineral Salts>

Natural mineral such as silicon

Mineral Salts can permeate to the dermis of the skin, cleansing the pores. Moreover, because the salts are anti-bacterial, product quality can be preserved without the addition of preservatives.

● Creates strong connective tissue such as collagen, skin, hair, teeth, and nails.

→ [The skin whitens] [Softens]

Please use product within three months of opening.
(Because this is an additive-free lotion/toner)
Please fill in the date on which you opened the product.

Shake the bottle well. Put the bottom of the bottle to your ear and listen for the sound.
"Shake it, shake it."

Use the amount of 1 push at a time (2-3 times per day)
(As a rough estimate, expect to use up one bottle a month)

Use this product at the very beginning of your skin care routine, after having cleansed your skin.
"Splash lots on, using your hands!"
"What is this ?! A new feeling! It feels nice!"

Please check our official Facebook page for examples of astonishing before and after performance results and comments from customers who are fans of this prod-uct.

International patent application pct / JP2016 / 079361

<New technology enabling 0.00% additives>

Novelty of patent: Three new technologies have been recognized.

  • 1. The skin becomes white and clean only using safe in-gredients

  • 2. Product does not spoil, even without the use of addi-tives.

  • 3. Moisture permeates deep into the skin without using ethanol or alcohol *1

An antimicrobial constituent found in natural rose water (phenethyl alcohol *2) makes this product so effective as a lotion/toner, even though it is completely additive free. It also has enabled us to establish production manufacturing technology that assures the mainte-nance of product quality for a minimum of three years, which is an essential criteria for mass production.

1 When alcohols such as ethanol are used in lotion/toner, the product penetrates into the skin easily and the skin feels better with use of the product. The product can cause skin irrita-tion, however.
2 This is the pleasant floral fragrance found in flowers such as rose, carnation, and geranium. The constituent does not irritate the skin and has antimicrobial properties. It can also be used as a preservative for soap. 

An interview with the developer

KOJI INAI (Director / Pharmacist, Youmei Labo)

Sky Lotion, an additive-free skin lotion / toner that took ten years to develop

I have been running a traditional Chinese medicinal herbs shop in Japan for over 20 years. I had many pa-tients with dermatitis whose condition did not improve, despite using Chinese herbs or lotions for an extended period of time. Originally, I had been researching the relationship between transdermal toxins and disease, and this led me to wonder whether the root cause of refractory dermatitis might be in the chemicals that are added to cosmetic products to stop them from spoiling. The background to the development of Sky Lotion was my sense for the need for a cosmetic product, made without the addition of any chemicals, that would be able to detox the chemical toxins that have accumulat-ed in the skin.

Initially, I worked on development in partnership with a Japanese cosmetic company. However, it proved im-possible to create something convincing working within the the scop of what is considered common-sense in conventional cosmetic development. This motivated me to establish my own laboratory three years ago, where I continued my committed product development.

For raw materials, we selected only quality, natural materials that have a good effect on the skin. We also sought out the best of products, not those that can be found anywhere. We invested a long time, searching through everything and making comparisons. However, simply blending together good ingredients will not result in a cosmetic product that is can retain its function and quality for a long time. After creating prototype after prototype, we finally discover the optimal compound ratio. We had succeeded in stabilizing function and quality without the addition of even one drop of chemi-cal substances.

Sky Lotion is filled with the energy of nature and living things, a product with healing properties that trans-cends the boundaries of cosmetics. It will remove the bad things from your skin-chemicals and impurities-it will whiten your skin and return it to a healthy, beautiful state.

I feel completely confident that you will experience this if you give the product a try.

· · · Sky Lotion has been presented in a lot of Japanese media, such as the well-known women's magazine an an.

<Strictly limited production of 50,000 bottles/year>

Sky Lotion is a completely additive-free skin lotion / toner made using high-concentration rose water as one of its raw ingredients. Only one liter of rose water is distilled from each kilogram of organically-grown roses.
As raw materials are limited, only 50,000 bottles can be produced each year.
Only 5,000 bottles per year are shipped to Indonesia.